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Are You Charging Low Rent?

Do you want to Earn 3x more income than traditional Renting System?



Grow your wealth​

Gain access to a real and dependable asset class that has historically been the primary engine of wealth accumulation.


Urban Rentals

A flexible, secure, and hassle-free solution for homeowners to significantly increase revenue from your properties.

Vacation Homes

Private holiday homes or farm houses which are accessible for a quick weekend getaway or longer stays with unique experiences offered to the guests.

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Experience New Way Of Rentals

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Startup homes

These are homes which cater to startups solving their residential and commercial requirements under one roof

Short term rentals

With shorter lock-in periods, owners can earn higher rental income. Used by medical travellers, relocation stays and short term business projects.

Dynamic Pricing

The duration of the stay determines the price of the stay. With our dynamic pricing model higher yields are inevitable.

Profile Building

With the emergence of platforms like airbnb, booking.com and makemytrip, your home will be occupied throughout the year.

Homeowners Are Loving Jadecaps!!

Why JadeCaps?

Boost your Rental Income

Traditionally rental homes reap lower monetary income. But in our short term rental model your homes can earn you an additional 30-40% rent while we handle the operations.

Tenant Managememt

From screening guests to serving them. We give the home owners a hassle free and end to end service. 

Property Appreciation

The more your property is occupied through us and it increases your income, the property naturally appreciates in value

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