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Investment Rationale

Tax-Free Returns

The sale of this agricultural farmland is not taxable. Hence, the sale proceeds from this property do not entail any capital gains tax.

Clear Title & Verified Documents

We ensure all the records and chain of title are checked, so that the property is clear of any legal issues both now and in the future.

Monetized Asset

Currently, we manage the property as a Vacation Rental destination on our vacation rental platform which yields a Net Rental Yield of 2% pa.

Safe & Secure Investment

This inflation protected investment also has utility value and is at zero risk of losing money.

Capital Appreciation

A tax-free IRR of 22% over a period of 5 years, assuming a conservative annual capital appreciation of 10%.


JadeCaps ensures hassle-free rental management ensuring steady rental yield.

Rustic Farm

Hosur, Denkanikottai Road

Set in the elegance of the quiet countryside along the scenic Hosur – Denkanikottai Road, a majestic abode set within in a 1000 Acre farmland gated community, this farmhouse with a masonry compound is built on a 10890 square feet (25 Cents) farmland. The farmhouse, with a modern design, comes with 2 air conditioned bedrooms, a kitchen, a large hall with double ceiling and a lounge area on the first floor overlooking the hall. It is a terracotta stones structure interspersed with large windows, opulent furniture and lush outdoors. This property comes with a barbeque place, a rustic bonfire and an indoor pool with filtration system. The backyard also has a badminton play area along with a nice garden to relax. One can enjoy the azure skies and serene nights without any compromise on privacy.

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25 Cents Land

2100 sf built-up area

2 Bedrooms



Most frequent questions and answers

Investment in this property comes with risk-free returns with an attractive IRR and rental yield and hassle-free management by JadeCaps

Any investment in a residential/commercial property is subject to long term capital gains tax. However, this property being farmland, does not entail any such tax.

JadeCaps shall manage the asset completely if you wish to continue with the vacation rental model with us.

No, as this is farmland, home finance cannot be availed.

Yes, it is ready to move in.

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